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1. Service purpose

Customer service support system is according to the company of "strict material selection, fine manufacturing, high technology, sincere service" quality policy, twelve words in line with "to ensure the interests of the customers get the highest respect" of purpose, in accordance with the specification requirements of ISO9001 service system.


2. Service period

We will not charge you for our services for any reason, and we promise to provide all of our services as promised and all of our standard services that are not publicly available under this agreement. On the premise of correct use, as a result of product design, manufacturing and material defects caused by quality problems, our company guarantees commitment within 12 months (repair, replacement or return).  

In the design life of our company, the company directly provides lifetime maintenance service within the free service period. In order to ensure the continuity of service, our company some services properly to collect fees, service charges for the spare parts cost, and guarantee the promise of this agreement all services and public all standard service agreement.

3. Technical support

①Premium free technical consultation and solution design: provide users with technical consultation and type selection services, and provide solutions within 24 hours according to on-site usage parameters provided by users.

②Training services: we can provide free training service for many times, including in a timely manner to provide the latest product information, product quotation and the configuration data, at any time to provide you the latest trends of the industry and the development direction of the future, the door of the technical forum, use and maintenance of technical training, and can at any time according to the on-site training for free.

③Technical guidance service for installation: our company sends technicians to provide all-round guidance for the installation of the equipment, and takes charge of the debugging and acceptance of the equipment.


4. Maintenance service

①Reporting maintenance method:our company directly provides on-site maintenance or customer delivery repair services, and provides free preventive maintenance for several times during the warranty period to ensure the reliability of the operation of the equipment.  

②Furnace maintenance cycle: for home maintenance, it should be guaranteed to complete the maintenance within 2 days. For the delivery service: guarantee to complete the maintenance within 7 days; For mail maintenance service: repair should be completed within 5 days.

5. Support service mode and response standards

①Support services mode: our client after receiving buyer's security maintenance request, will be the first to the end user of equipment failure phone support, such as phone support will not solve the problem, should provide the nationwide launch the door-to-door service on site.

②Response standards: demander or its customers can request service from suppliers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After receiving the request for service, our company should be on site for maintenance within 12 hours. Additional on-site service schedules are available for further clarification:

6. Provide maintenance service data and data

Our company timely provides and regularly updates the maintenance service related data and materials:

Customer service projects

Pre-sales service: mainly refer to customer consultation, product selection, program design, technical response, etc.

Sales service: installation, supervision, installation, commissioning, etc.

After-sales service: including consultation, acceptance, relocation, testing, complaint handling, customer training, technical exchanges, etc.